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Originally from the South Island of New Zealand, I moved to the UK with my family at the age of 10. The fundamental values of healthy living and physical fitness were instilled into my life from an early age. I always tried to live life to the full and was encouraged to do so, participating in many sports and was fortunate enough to be able to embrace new challenges whenever possible.

After this upbringing I still favour outdoor activities to sedentary pastimes. In the past I have undertaken adrenalin sports such as bungy jumping, free fall parachuting, white water rafting, hand gliding, jet boating, motorbike track days, scuba diving and been a passenger in a stunt airplane. I have trekked to Everest Base Camp and climbed to the summit of the highest mountain in Mongolia.

My preferred sport is golf which I play regularly and ongoing is my enjoyment for almost anything related to personal fitness (especially gym, swimming, cycling)  which is very important to me. My greatest physical accomplishment is the completion of an Iron Man event.

After living in New Zealand and Singapore and having spent time in over 40 other different countries I am well travelled. I have strong desire to travel and love experiencing new cultures.