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From my experience, the doctor-patient relationship is one of the key ingredients to being a successful chiropractor. A sound relationship can be developed very quickly but sometimes it takes a little longer to gain the desired acceptance, trust and compliance.

There will always be a small minority of patients who will be reluctant to let different hands touch them unless it is an absolute emergency but the vast majority of patients will normally be open and understanding about having a locum. There will also be patients who will look forward to the opportunity of being examined and treated by a different experienced chiropractor.

Of course a chiropractor’s individual rapport cannot be replaced but of paramount importance in all scenarios is consistency of quality care. Just a few hours observing your practice flowing can help to establish common ground on chiropractic rationale, techniques/methods and the best way for me to communicate with your patients. I find that making my own notes can be invaluable to the success of a locum period for everyone involved.