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After several years practicing in different clinics as an associate and as a locum chiropractor I have been exposed to many different chiropractic rationales and styles of practice – from pain-based to wellness-based to longer term postural correction programs. I have successfully helped babies, children, pregnant ladies, athletes and the elderly to attain their goals through chiropractic care.

With this background I have experienced chiropractic’s effectiveness by many different methods. Whether the goal is simple pain reduction or optimization of physical health and performance my number one approach is providing evidence based chiropractic care. I am always open-minded and eager to learn about any scientific based/biomechanical approaches.

I have a very healthy scepticism on the more unusual treatment methods some chiropractors choose to use. I will not adopt the methods of any practice with antiscientific reasoning or which makes unsubstantiated claims. I have no desire to be associated with or locum in a practice where, for example, ‘raindrop therapy’ may be the principle technique used!